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Real Estate Analysis Software – An Essential Part of the Property Investors Toolkit.

Apart from buying your own home, one of the biggest investments you will make is when you buy an investment property. Once you decide to buy a property for investment purposes there is much to consider, and Real Estate Analysis Software is an essential tool for this process for all property investors. Using a good […]

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Investment Property in Australia

Just like everywhere else in the world there are good times to buy and great times to buy, but in Australia there is never really a bad time when it comes to buying an investment property. Although there can often be a quiet time in the market, property cannot disappear like other investments and providing […]

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Positive Cash Flow Property

What is Positive Cash Flow Property? Positive Cash Flow Property is simply a property whose rental income exceeds all expenses. It’s a property that puts money into your pocket, each and every week. A Positive Cash Flow Property gives you income and with income comes choices. If, for example, you develop a property portfolio with […]

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Real Estate Cash Flow

One reason many of us decide to invest in property is to increase our wealth: however, investors vary in their expectations of the time frames that this wealth building will require. Many investors are satisfied with building their property-based wealth over a long period, and consider their property investment portfolio in terms of years. Others […]

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Property Feasibility Software: A Critical Factor in Your Investing Decisions

Analysing a Property with Property Feasibility Software Before purchasing an investment property, be it a single family dwelling or a property that you wish to subdivide or develop, a savvy investor will want to determine the likely success of the planned investment. Without a clear analysis of the property, the marketplace, and factors like project […]

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Residential Investment Property

What is Residential Investment Property? A residential investment property is one that is made available for tenants to live in, as opposed to being available to businesses to operate from (called a Commercial Investment Property). Most people commence their property investing experience with buying a residential investment property: usually this will be a single-family dwelling. […]

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Buying Rental Property

Buying Rental Property: What Type of Property Should You Be Looking At? When you mention that you are thinking of buying rental property, the image that most probably comes into the mind of your listener is that of a single-family house in the suburbs, or perhaps a unit in a multi-unit complex. But of course, […]

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Property Investment in Australia: How Australians Choose To Make Money From Property

In Australia, we seem to like our property! A majority of households (70%) own (or are buying) our own homes, and a great many of us have dabbled in property investment. Of those who buy an investment property, the vast majority will only ever buy a single investment property in Australia. It is very uncommon […]

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Buying Investment Property

It is so exciting to buy your first investment property: it can also be nerve-wracking, stressful and even downright scary, but at some stage in the process you’ll feel the rush of adrenalin that tells you that this is a major milestone in your life. Buying investment property is not for the faint-hearted: it should […]

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