About John Bone

I was born in Albany W.A. and grew up in Perth but moved to Melbourne in 1969 to start a career in what was then a fledgling Computer Industry. I spent a large part of my working life in the Computer Industry and in particular, Computer Operations. During this time I worked for the ANZ Bank, Repco, IBM Australia and International Trucks. In 1991 I was retrenched from a position that I had held for over 12 years. My age and my limited IT experience at a time when the Victorian economy was at an all time low meant that I was unlikely to be re-employed in IT at that time.

I used the computer skills that I had acquired over the previous 22 years and started working in the Sign and Display industry which was starting to embrace computer technology.

The Decision: Become an Australia Property Investor

In 2004 my wife and I decided that the best way to fund our fast approaching retirement would be to establish a cash flow positive property portfolio.

Our early experiences with investing in real estate were unsuccessful but this started to turn around when, in 2008, we went to a series of seminars on Real Estate Investing. We learnt in clear and simple terms the strategies that could lead to successful and profitable investments in real estate.

We embraced the lessons learnt and decided that if we were to be successful, one of us had to concentrate on Real Estate as a full time occupation. That responsibility fell to me and in January 2009 I left full time employment to pursue this goal.