Get The Expert Edge

Investors who know the numbers can do a comprehensive feasibility study in less than 5 minutes and assess a variety of different strategies quickly and easily. Complicated development projects that include subdivision or strata titling, renovations and construction can all be included in the one feasibility study. Changing from a “Sell for profit” strategy to a “Hold for cash flow” strategy can be assessed in seconds with results automatically recalculated for interest costs, GST etc. right in front of your eyes. Decisions about whether to subdivide and construct for sale or hold versus subdivide and sell vacant land can be achieved quickly and easily. All these calculations are complimented by a wide variety of What-If! scenarios that make the assessment of risk simple and dynamic.

The program also offers a variety of profession reports that can be exported directly into existing documents such as business plans or loan applications.

The program is based on Microsoft Excel so all the power of Excel is available to the experienced user. Data can be extracted into the investors own spreadsheets or imported into the model using Excel formula. Formula can be added directly into the model and income and expense items can be modified as required.