Property Feasibility Software: A Critical Factor in Your Investing Decisions

Analysing a Property with Property Feasibility Software

Before purchasing an investment property, be it a single family dwelling or a property that you wish to subdivide or develop, a savvy investor will want to determine the likely success of the planned investment. Without a clear analysis of the property, the marketplace, and factors like project cash flow, construction costs, GST and many others, how can you know that the risk will be worth the effort of investment? Without a doubt, one of the best ways to do the calculations on a potential property investment is through using property feasibility software.

Why should you use property feasibility software?

Property feasibility software not only calculates quickly and accurately: it helps you to include details and figures, and to look at scenarios that you might not otherwise think to consider. Because it has fields for data entry, it forces you to enter all critical variables, which means you will always remember to include all the important figures in your analysis.

Armed with the results of your analysis, you can be confident in negotiating price and terms with the property vendor, because you will know exactly what price you can afford and what terms you can manage to make the venture worthwhile. With an accurate analysis, you won’t make the mistake of paying too much.

Since most investors rely on financial institutions to provide the financing for investment projects, it is always important to be able to state a good case when applying for the finance. Property feasibility software allows you to present your analysis in an easy-to-understand and very professional format, making it easier to demonstrate the likely success of the project, and therefore easier to obtain finance.

Is all property feasibility software the same?

Definitely not!

Some property feasibility software is only useful to analyse properties for negative gearing strategies. Some software costs up to three thousand dollars. Some is better suited for the calculations required by major development companies. Some has been developed for the US market and is not suitable for Australian Investors.

You need software that is functional, flexible and user-friendly. Something that will accompany you on your journey from new investor to experienced professional investor. Your property feasibility software must be well-supported by experts who themselves are property investors.

Where do I find the best property feasibility software?

On this site! Check out all the features of our software here.


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