How To Create An Income For Life

Margaret Lomas


Margaret Lomas is a bestselling author and public speaker in the investment industry. In this, her third book, Margaret shares her key to long-term wealth creation and the approach that she and her husband have followed with proven success. It contains an easy-to-follow guide on positive cash flow investment strategies that almost anyone can adopt to create an income for life.

The book provides essential information on safely investing in positive cash flow property in addition to:

  • Taking advantage of home equity and hedging against the usual pitfalls of investing in property.
  • Employing a specific borrowing strategy which eliminates debt quickly.
  • The questions to ask when researching your market.
  • Following strict, unemotional guidelines for investment property selection

Publisher Details:

  • Publisher:   John Wiley & Sons
  • ISBN:   9780701636517
  • ISBN-10:   0701636513
  • Format:   Paperback
  • Date Published:   2002-03-08