Making Money in Residential Real Estate

Jan Somers and Dolf De Roos


This book is the ultimate guide to investing in real estate.  It explains to the reader why real estate is a consistently profitable money maker and anyone can make a fortune regardless of how much they have in the bank. This practical guide from these bestselling authors explains that investing in real estate is considered to be the easiest, most leveraged method of building sustainable wealth. It covers all the basics of investing and provides advice, tips, case studies and stories of successful investors.

This book teaches you about:

  • the ins and outs of commercial versus residential property;
  • how to get bargains in neighbourhoods with great potential;
  • how to finance your investments;
  • how to increase the value of your property with minimal outlay
  • finding reliable tenants; and
  • taxes and deductions and using tax benefits to increase your profits.

Publisher Details:

  • Publisher:   John Wiley & Sons
  • ISBN:   9780471711773
  • ISBN-10:   0471711772
  • Format:   Paperback
  • Date Published:   2005-05-03