Protect Your Assets

Dymphna Boholt


It’s no secret that for years, Australia’s wealthiest have used creative, though legal, structuring techniques to pay less tax, protect their financial empires, maximise their wealth and minimise their risk. For the everyday Australian, this kind of knowledge may seem either too expensive to obtain, too hard to understand or not important enough to bother doing anything about.

With 50% of Australian marriages ending in divorce and tens of thousands going bankrupt every year, these situations could have been avoided if the strategies in this book had been put into place.

This book by Dymphna Boholt will teach you what you need to do to protect your finances and assets against frivolous law suits and how you can pay less tax.

Dymphna Boholt’s messages is for us to stop relying and blaming other people for your financial situation and learn strategies that you can put into place right now to ensure your current standard of living is protected now, and into the future.

Publisher Details:

  • Publisher:
  • ISBN:   9781921225000
  • FORMAT:   Paperback
  • Publication Date:   2006-06-01