Rich Dad Poor Dad

Robert Kiyosaki


What the Rich Teach Their Kids about Money that the Poor and the Middle Class Do Not.

This book by Robert Kiyosaki argues that a good education and a secure job do not guarantee financial success.  By describing 6 guidelines for making money, Robert Kiyosaki teaches people to be millionaires.  His belief is that the major reason that people struggle financially is due to the fact that whilst at school, they learned nothing about money.  The result of this is that people learn to work for money rather than having money work for them.

This book explodes the myth that in order to become rich, you need to have a job with a high income. It also challenges the belief that your house is an asset and defines assets and liabilities. This book teaches you what to teach your kids about money, so that they can benefit in ways that you did not.

Publisher Details:

  • Publisher:   TechPress Incorporated
  • ISBN:   9780964385610
  • ISBN-10:   0964385619
  • Format:   Paperback
  • Date Published:   2004-12-01
  • Publisher:   Running Press Book Publishers
  • ISBN:   9780762434275
  • Publication Date:   2009-04-07