Tutorial Seven

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Tutorial 1: An Introduction

Tutorial 2: Functional Overview

Tutorial 3: Data Entry- Property Information

Tutorial 4: Data Entry- Hold Properties

Tutorial 5: Data Entry- Manufactured Growth

Tutorial 6: Data Entry- Construction Costs

Tutorial 7: Data Entry- Timeline Plan

Tutorial 8: Data Entry- Sales Information

Tutorial 9: Data Entry- Financial Information

Tutorial 10: Data Entry- Affordability Information

Tutorial 11: Timeline and Borrowings

Tutorial 12: Project Summary

Tutorial 13: What-If Scenarios

Tutorial 14: Cash Flow and Equity Growth

Tutorial 15: Construction

Tutorial 16: Major Construction

Tutorial 17: Known Problems and Issues

Tutorial 18: Example 1

Tutorial 19: Example 2

Tutorial 20: Example 3

Tutorial 21: Example 4

Tutorial 22: Example 5