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Attention All Property Investors:

If you are doing any form of real estate investing, you’ll know that it is critical to know your numbers! Due diligence is critical, and accurate calculations are essential: without these, you are investing blind.

Real Estate Express

Real Estate Investing Software
For In Depth Real Estate Feasibility Studies

This Real Estate Feasibility Study Software will help you calculate complex investment strategies like you’ve been doing it all your life! This feasibility study program is right for anyone investing in real estate. Whether you are –

  • Buying to hold for equity growth or cash flow.
  • Buying to sell for capital gain or income.
  • Renovating existing dwellings to hold or sell.
  • Constructing new dwellings to hold or sell.
  • Subdividing or Strata titling land or existing dwellings.
  • Investing in Australia or overseas.
  • A novice or experienced investor.
  • Investigating options to improve performance of your existing portfolio.
  • A serious investor or just looking at the potential for property investment.

This program has it all!

Complex feasibilities that involve all of the strategies listed above can be assessed quickly and easily even for the novice investor.

What People Are Saying About this Real Estate Investing Software…..

At last, an easy to use comprehensive residential property development and investment package for small property projects. This feasibility software has saved me serious exposure to investment mistakes with its comprehensive cost analysis and cash flow prompts and integrated performance reports.
For small scale projects from land subdivision through renovation and new unit development this package is a powerful and versatile tool which allows the user to complete detailed feasibilities in minutes.

Robert Martin – Real Estate Investor

Do you want to have confidence that you are making the right decision, then this program will give it to you. Making quick financial decisions if often the best way to get your foot in the door and on the property while other investors are still fiddling around with the numbers.

This program helps take the mystery out of property investing and development and will help you to achieve your financial goals.

Now, in addition to the feasibility study program, I have a new program to offer you.

The program and the process is called Grid Variance Analysis.
For the benefit of those who have not heard about the process, it involves breaking down large populated areas into sections (grids, but more practically – suburbs) and then analysing the properties for sale in the area to get the average low, mid and high price ranges. The logic is that areas where there is the greatest variation between the mid to low and mid to high prices represent the best areas where renovations and redevelopment are likely to achieve the best financial returns.

Simple isn’t! And it works!

In practise though it is not so simple. It involves trolling through screen after screen of properties for sale on or and manually calculating the low, mid and high price points and then calculating the percentage variation.
In many cases this is complicated by the lack of advertised prices and small samples. In the end the result is likely to reveal that the area does not have substantial price variations so you need to repeat the process for the next area.

It is boring and extremely time consuming and the results you get today will be out of date as the market changes.

So the answer is simple, I have written a program to do it!

In most cases a selection based on a suburb, post code or distance from a specific location can be processed in a matter of minutes or in some cases, seconds. Properties listed for sale can be extracted, analysed, listed and mapped. The program saves hours of boring manual effort and it is not only fast, it is consistent in the results for the purpose of comparison, it finds unlisted prices, land sizes and much more and it is all summarised in a simple to read format that can be displayed, printed or saved. The data can also be out to a CSV format so that you can do your own analysis.

Contact for more details.

Sleep at night knowing you got it right.