What People Are Saying About Real Estate Express

There are already 270 registered users of Real Estate Express! Here’s what some of them have to say about the software- if you also have a comment to share about your experience of the software, please let us know via the contact page.

This accounting tool removes a massive amount of the guess work that property investors face in terms of the $ side of the deal. The inclusion of the construction and development components of the package, combined with time frames and of course the GST ensure a high degree of accuracy in all facets of the assessment of the deal.

Real Estate Express gives the investor the facts upon which the deal can be based. Over the past 12 months I have been using Real Estate Express and it has enabled me to define the profit and or cash flow in the deal from an objective perspective.

Dee Murdoch – Real Estate Investor, Singleton NSW.

I have developed and implemented software packages for the past thirty + years, both nationally and internationally, with budgets of more than $xxxMil. I have also played monopoly with real houses for the past 15+ years, developing, renovating etc, and I have been very successful.

The package, Real Estate Express, was supplied to me some time past and I have been testing and giving feed back to the developer. The version 3.1. is, in my view, very professionally built and has had significantly less issues than most new systems I have been involved with. Real Estate Express assists you with the development of a property financial feasibility, you choose the strategy for your portfolio, i.e. buy rent hold, buy demolish rebuild, buy subdivide, buy renovate sell and/or any combinations of the above.

The data screen is where you need to be very alert to achieve the best results. It will assist you greatly to understand the real-estate terminology. Spend time getting this information correct and you will have a fantastic model, this page is the brain of the package, rubbish in here gives rubbish out. This is the most important part of any form of planning; the Building Tab gives many options in renovation, construct, fixed price, best guess etc. This tab can be a lot of fun and provides information to the first page, particularly if you do not understand all the fields in the Data Entry page.

The power of the system is from the What-If tab, worth its weight in crocodile tears. This is where I have spent most of my time, use it to set your budgets and marketing strategies. WOW.

If this had been around 15 years ago when I first started I would have saved massive amounts of work and stress.

The biggest weakness is “you” if you do not understand the Data entry tool, but if you do not understand this page it is a great indicator that you are not yet ready to go full on into property investment. When you are fully educated to use the tab, you are ready to invest in property. Remember this is a feasibility study not a project financial balance sheet. BUT, print the reports and go to your bank for money, they will be impressed that you know what you are doing, you are more likely to get money when you produce a business case of this quality.

Using a word like fantastic is just not enough, best is using it, it will more than pay for itself on the first project. Keep track of the time & money it saves you and the amount it earns.

Now give me a version I can use on a Mac with Office 11 and I will be more than happy.

Darryl Denton – IT Professional and Property Investor

“At last, an easy to use comprehensive residential property development and investment package for small property projects. This feasibility software has saved me serious exposure to investment mistakes with its comprehensive cost analysis and cash flow prompts and integrated performance reports.

For small scale projects from land subdivision through renovation and new unit development this package is a powerful and versatile tool which allows the user to complete detailed feasibilities in minutes.”

Robert Martin – Real Estate Investor