New To Property Investing?

For the new or novice investor the program calculates all the numbers that many investors have difficulty with. Stamp Duty, Land Taxes, Interest Costs, GST, Cash Flows and Equity Growth are all calculated by the program.

The program has the capacity to calculate whether the investor has sufficient funds available to complete the project and can also include funding from joint venture partners.

Numerous “What-If!” calculations can be performed to test the viability of the project for the nervous first time investor. The impact of interest rate changes, construction and renovation times, changes in costs and variations in sales can be assessed dynamically, no need to be constantly printing and comparing reports, it is done right there in front of your eyes.

New to construction? – the program includes a number of methods for calculating construction costs and has links to websites that support these methods.

Other useful links are also supplied to facility property research and due diligence.

Reverse feasibilities can also be calculated, the program will calculate the purchase price based on a target result. It is also possible to calculate a sale value based on a target result.

Simple “Worst Case” and “Best Case” scenarios can be selected for evaluation.

The “Help” screens available in the program give a comprehensive explanation of how the data needs to be entered and interpreted with examples and screen shots. The investor is also guided through the data entry sections with a comprehensive array of error messages that ensure the data is entered completely and correctly. Many values have comments that provide a guide for the investor about the level of costs for each expense item.

The program will also provide a “Critical Assessment” of the project by measuring the project results against the investor’s performance targets in a simple and clear ratings system.