About Real Estate Express’ Development

In January 2009 I left full time employment to concentrate on creating a positive cash flow real estate portfolio that would fund our retirement. For the first few months I threw myself into property research and it wasn’t long before I realised that much of the work I was doing was repetitive and boring.

There had to be a better way.

My experience with computers and computer software lead me to search for software products that could make the work of doing financial feasibility studies on potential real estate investments much quicker and easier. Although there were a number of excellent products available, none of them concentrated on the types of investment strategies that I was interested in pursuing or had proven to be successful.

I started developing my own spreadsheet, in part to record all of the information that I had started to gather and also to remove some of the drudgery involved in doing simple research on potential investment opportunities. In the first few months the spreadsheet grew rapidly as I added additional functions and data.

Real Estate Express: Property Feasibility Software

Then in July 2009 at a meeting with a professional real estate investor we discovered that we had both been working on developing the same thing, a program that would assist investors with financial feasibility studies for real estate projects. I set about amalgamating our two programs and for the next 18 months I had progressively developed and expanded the program to suit the needs of investors so that it allows for numerous investment strategies. The program, in various forms, has now been distributed to over 6000 real estate investors and their comments and feedback have driven development of the program to make it what it is today.