Don’t Sign Anything

Neil Jenman


Neil Jenman’s book details how consumers can protect themselves when involved in Real Estate transactions. The book explains very clearly how consumers can protect both their rights and their money when they are buying or selling a property. It also highlights the underhanded practices that are common in the real estate industry.

Every year thousands of Australians either buy or sell a property. For many, this is the biggest financial decision they will make, and many will put their faith and trust in a real estate agent to get the best deal for them.  In many cases, this does not occur.  Jenman describes how many real estate “professionals” can be conniving and uncovers the tricks and traps to watch out for. The advice to consumers is never to sign anything without first ensuring that your rights are protected.

Publisher Details:

Publisher:   Jenman Group, The

ISBN:   9780958651745

Format:   Paperback

Date Published:   2002-10-22