Empowered Wealth Strategies

Maritienne Freeth and Barbara Page


For those looking to acquire the knowledge on how to create wealth and achieve financial freedom, this book by Sunshine Coast accountants and business partners Martienne Freeth and Barbara Page provides the keys and secrets to get there. With insight and depth, this book provides the tools to get you on the right track to achieving financial success.

The authors help you to discover your hidden dreams and desires and also help you to recognise what limiting beliefs you may have that are preventing you from achieving your dreams. The book helps you to identify the Now, Where, When and How to achieve financial freedom.

The book discusses topics that other books have failed to identify.  The realisation that belief systems and the individual mindset play a key role in achieving financial freedom plays an integral role in the book.

As wealth strategists, coaches and property investors, Barbara and Martienne collectively offer the financial tools required to enable readers to increase their wealth. After years of experience and research they are certain that unless their clients have a prosperity consciousness, the tools provided will be rendered useless. That is why this topic is given as much attention in the book as the more traditional financial and wealth strategies.

Publisher Details:

Publisher:   Empowered Publishing

ISBN-13:   9780980530704

ISBN-10:   0980530709
Date Published:   2008

Publisher:   AFA Empire Publishing

ISBN:   9780980530704

Format:   Paperback

Date Published:   2008-10-01